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How to deal with excesses the day after a New Year's Eve meal

How to deal with excesses the day after a New Year's Eve meal

New Year's Eve often rhymes with excess. Often copious meals, alcohol... some will not escape headaches or nausea this Saturday. Courage, we will try to help you cope. The details of Géraldine Zamansky, journalist for the Health magazine on France 5.

franceinfo: how to get out of this difficult backlash that some call liver crisis?

Géraldine Zamansky: one of the main causes of symptoms such as headache or nausea is dehydration. It is directly caused by alcohol. Because imagine that once arrived in our brain, one of its components disturbs the control of the volumes of water in the body by the kidneys. We urinate too much. Then the organs lack water and suffer. This can result in the aftermath of a party by a pasty tongue, a severe headache and cramps. So the first piece of advice is to drink water.

Then, rest assured, especially those who still have that damn headache, I'm not going to detail all the other harmful mechanisms of alcohol. But they can explain sweating and a strange heartbeat... or even hypoglycemia, ie a lack of sugar at the origin of a certain weakness on waking.

Comment gérer les excès au lendemain d'un repas de réveillon

Ok, for the alcohol-related symptoms, it will pass with water and rest… But what about nausea and a sore belly. Isn't our liver overheating?

Yes, I did not fully answer your question about this famous "liver attack". Well no, if you eat too much one evening… or one night, it is above all the gallbladder, located not very far from the liver, which is overheated and which can be painful. Because it must deliver a lot of bile to digest this rather "heavy" meal. It is also this quantity of food that explains a priori the possible nausea and stomach ache: a kind of overflow.

And then, sorry, but alcohol also irritates the lining of the stomach and intestines, so it doesn't make things any easier. To get better, everyone finds the solution on their own: make much lighter meals and wait.

We can not find capsules or other "detox" herbal teas to facilitate the elimination of these excesses?

The only real solution is to limit the madness of New Year's Eve... on New Year's Eve. Today and in the next few days eat more green vegetables, fruits and drink water. No scientific study has really validated these famous so-called "detox" products.

The announced target is often the liver. The argument is that this organ plays a crucial role as a filter that should be “cleaned up” like in your washing machine. But in fact, he knows how to do it all by himself. Except, be careful, if he is going badly because of regular excesses outside of New Year's Eve on the alcohol side but also on the sugar side. In case of doubt, the ideal is then to speak to your doctor or to self-help associations. … Perhaps this is the opportunity to take a break with the "dry January", January without alcohol?