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Is household vinegar different from white vinegar, spirit vinegar and crystal vinegar?

Is household vinegar different from white vinegar, spirit vinegar and crystal vinegar?

Now that you know which vinegar to choose depending on the use you make of it, you may be wondering about the difference between household, white, alcohol and crystal vinegars, all four used to clean your house. All these names are listed on the bottles found in the cleaning department of the supermarket but you never know which one to choose: either you buy the best known (white vinegar), or you go there at random. Femme Actuelle gives you the answer to finally choose the right vinegar and properly clean the stains of drink, fat or sugar on your brand new tablecloth. Vinegar will be super useful if you decide to finally clean these 15 places and objects in the kitchen that are too often forgotten.

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Only one difference between these vinegars: the acidity level

Bottles of alcohol, household, white or crystal vinegar are made of the same liquid and it is alcohol vinegar. However, one thing differs between bottles. Their acidity rate or percentage of acetic acid! But beware, it is not the name of the bottle that normalizes this quantity... Two bottles of household vinegar may therefore have different acidity levels. To know it, it is therefore not necessary to stop at the name of the vinegar but to read the list of ingredients. The acidity level of these 4 names of vinegar varies between 5 and 14%.

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How to use vinegars with an acidity between 5 and 8%?

Le vinaigre ménager est-il différent du vinaigre blanc, du vinaigre d’alcool et du vinaigre cristal ?

These are the least acidic vinegars. Edible, they can be used in the kitchen to season dishes, make homemade mayonnaise or clean the refrigerator (and everything that comes into contact with food) for example. Know that white vinegar has the particularity, like many other foods, of being consumable... for life. So you have nothing to worry about if your bottle has been open for a few months or years. The only condition is to store it well away from light and heat and to close the bottle tightly.

How to use vinegars with an acidity between 10 and 14%?

These are the most acidic vinegars. On the shelves, they are sold with household products. More acidic, it is more effective for cleaning. Removing stains or descaling will be easier to do with this type of vinegar than with a low acid bottle, although it will still work with more time. Its price is higher than that of low-acid vinegars.

Good to know: acid vinegar has a strong smell but it disappears when it dries.

What is white vinegar used for?

We use it everywhere! White vinegar can be used as much to remove the burnt part of a pan as to soften your towels, degrease your cooking dishes, clean your floor (regardless of its nature), or to descale your bathroom. It will save you in all the maintenance tasks of your house at a very low cost (0.45 € on average). In addition, it is more ecological than the household products found on the market. Combined with other molecules, crystal vinegar is even more effective!

Mixtures to avoid with household vinegar

Mixed with baking soda, household vinegar is unstoppable against clogged pipes, bad odors, scale and bacteria. However, be careful not to combine it with bleach or chlorine. This gives off a toxic gas which can be fatal at very high concentrations or affect the respiratory tract and eyes at lower concentrations. Hydrogen peroxide and crystal vinegar are also to be excluded (especially for use on the hair). Together they create peracetic acid which is very toxic to mucous membranes, eyes and skin.

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