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The easiest way to eliminate mold from the shower joints

The easiest way to eliminate mold from the shower joints

Cleaning the shower tiles is a tedious task because the dirt can be stubborn.The moisture of the bathroom can lead to the appearance of mold that is important to clean and disinfect.This very effective means will allow you to eliminate mold and all residues in the joints!

When we clean our shower, we can realize that joints blacken or take a greenish color.To eliminate this problem, no need to use chemicals.A natural tip will help you find the whiteness of this silicone or putty surface.

How to clean the shower seals?

Cleaning the shower is part of the house maintenance that can be difficult.And for good reason, dust and dirt can be embedded inside the tile joints without forgetting the humidity that causes mold.Sometimes the use of a cloth soaked in water is not enough.Only, it is possible to ignore household products to overcome stains that form on this surface.If specific products for tiles are available in large surfaces, it is possible to clean this surface with the D system, which will help you clean without damaging this part of the shower.Cleaning ingredients are available at kitchen range and will be formidable to eliminate dust and stubborn spots.This method is particularly effective in finding sparkling tiles!

Wall tiles - Source: SPM

Le moyen le plus simple d’éliminer les moisissures des joints de la douche

1- This product is an ecological disinfectant for your shower joints!

To make your shower sparkling, no need to use a cleaning product because this tip is formidable.To eliminate the dirt and mold from the tiling joints, use baking soda, which allows you to carry out many domestic tasks.

To do this, you will need:

Pour all these ingredients into a large bottle with a sprayer.It will then be necessary to spray the mixture on the tiling joints and leave to act for 10 minutes.Rinse with clear water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Tile joint - Source: SPM

Another technique can help you whiten your shower seals

If the soda bicarbonate tip is amazing to clean tile joints, there is another method that can help you find a sparkling bathroom.This system of system D is particularly effective for tenacious spots of the shower joints.His secret?The potato starch.It will be necessary to create a paste with 3 tablespoons of this powder with a glass of hydrogen peroxide, renowned for its whitening properties.To get the best out of this mixture, use an old toothbrush that you soak from this homemade cleaning product and rub on the salted surfaces or that have molds.Leave on for an hour before rinsing with a mixture of lukewarm water, white vinegar, a must for domestic tasks and product for floors.It only remains to dry with a microfiber cloth and you will find the cleanliness of your shower.

Ecological products - Source: SPM

It is important to prevent the formation of dirt and mold

In wet rooms such as a shower, it is important to take precautions to take care of the wall tiles and their joints.To avoid the formation of dirt, it is important to adopt habits to prevent them.

1- Dry the seal after the shower

Drying tiles and coulis after a shower or a bath is one of the easiest ways to keep the new appearance of the coulis longer.Use an old towel or rubber raclette to wipe the walls of the shower or bathtub after each use.

Declass tiles - Source: SPM

2-Get clean tiling joints

To avoid frequent wash from your shower, small gestures can make the difference.To make this part of your bathroom shine, quickly clean the joints on a daily basis with a water soaked in water and dry the surface with a dry cloth.

Flogged joints - Source: SPM

3 Seller the coulis lines

Investing in this equipment will prevent you from constantly cleaning your showers.The protective shoe seal prevents the formation of spots and makes them easier to clean.You can get it in a DIY shop or in supermarkets.

As you can see, ecological ingredients can replace classic cleansers filled with chemicals.You can say goodbye to mold and dirt in your shower in no time!

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