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HomeArticle → Comparison / 15 washing machine ☆ Tested January 2022
Comparison / 15 washing machine ☆ Tested January 2022

Comparison / 15 washing machine ☆ Tested January 2022

In 2017, 2,714,000 washing machine (with front loading or above, built-in or free installation) were sold in France, according to GIFAM.Innovation showcase for manufacturers of large household appliances, the “washing machine”, with porthole most often, is chosen mainly according to its capacity, its maximum spin speed and its energy class.However, manufacturers continue to offer washing machines with various programs and advanced function.

For several years, the large capacity models, capable of embarking a large amount of clothing, have been on the rise;The machines offering a load of 10 kg of laundry, see more have become commonplace.Big efforts have also been made to reduce the sound level of washing machine and make them almost silent.

We also note that the appliance manufacturers are trying to put on the market economical water and electricity devices, to enter the nails of the sacrosanct energy label: the least energy-consuming can thus enter the A +++ class.Washing machine also becomes more and more intelligent, full of sensors to assist the user in the clothing chore of clothing.They help the dosage of detergent thanks to automatic distributors, sometimes guide the user in the choice of the cycle most suitable for the clothes present in the drum.Finally, some are connected and promise a link with a smartphone to offer the user even more, in terms of comfort and personalization.

Comparatif / 15 lave-linges ☆ testés Janvier 2022

With frontal loading or above, small or large capacity, our comparison will serve as a guide in order to choose the best model within a range of sometimes very very similar machines.