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How to maintain and clean an extractor hood?

How to maintain and clean an extractor hood?

If you don't necessarily think about it, it is essential to clean the suction hood of your kitchen. Because this is one of the most exposed elements to fats produced by our cooking devices. These accumulate on the walls and the filter of the hood, agglomerating in the passage of the dust. So much so that the hood is crashing and becomes less efficient. To avoid getting there, just maintain it. With natural products and a little elbow oil! Follow the guide.

How often clean your stimulating hood?

it obviously depends on its use. If it is daily, it is recommended to polish your hood every month. If it serves less often, a little blow every two months may be enough.

a tip for knowing if your hood is dirty: turn it on and place a wipers in contact with the grids. If it is maintained in the air, it shows that your hood sucks properly. If it falls, it is the opposite and the sign that it deserves to be cleaned.

clean the hood grid

Two complementary techniques exist to clean and degrease Effectively an aspiring hood grid. First the lemon. Boil a pan of water containing lemon juice on your plates, just below the hood. The residues housed in the grids will be softened by the released vapors and will therefore be easier to remove.

 How to maintain and clean an extractor hood?

Clean the hood grid with lemon water to boil © Vanovasaio

chain by cleaning with black knowledge, which is a natural degreaser. Mix a teaspoon of black soap in a liter of lukewarm water. Let the hood grids dip in for 30 minutes then rub with a brush. If you do not have a large enough container, you should be able to take off the residues easily thanks to the previous step.

If your grids pass in the dishwasher, you can also opt directly for this solution. Small advice upstream of the cycle: sprinkle them with white vinegar.

Clean the filter of the stimulating hood

The grids are not the only elements of the hood to clean. It is also necessary to change the charcoal filter (s), which make it possible to absorb the odors. And this approximately every four months, even if it depends on the frequency of use of the hood there.

if the classic coal filters are for single use, this is not the case Long-life carbon filters. To clean a hood coal filter, you just have to rinse it with hot water or pass it in the dishwasher (intensive cycle at maximum 70 ° C without product washing). Then remains to let them dry and then replace them in the hood.

clean the walls of the hood

last step, not to be overlooked: clean the walls Exterior of the hood, what you can already do already regularly.

cleaning a suction hood © Artures Budkevics

How to clean a stainless steel hood?

To clean a stainless steel hood, different natural products are very effective in cleaning without leaving traces. And more particularly the base of the bases: the soap!

Dilute a teaspoon of black soap or Marseille in a liter of warm water and pass on the walls of your hood with a sponge. clear water and wipe with a clean and dry cloth. It is perfect for deleting any traces of fat and restoring all your chandelier to your hood.

it works both with stainless steel and any other surface.

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Banner illustration: how to clean a stainless steel hood - © titikul_b