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HomeMobile phone → CIC and Crédit Mutuel sell the Bouygues Telecom Sensation and Bbox packages
CIC and Crédit Mutuel sell the Bouygues Telecom Sensation and Bbox packages

CIC and Crédit Mutuel sell the Bouygues Telecom Sensation and Bbox packages

In accordance with the agreement with Bouygues Telecom, CIC and Crédit Mutuel agencies offer Bouygues Telecom offers, rather than those of the MVNO CIC Mobile and Crédit Mutuel Mobile.The prompto non -binding packages are provided by Bouygues Telecom directly.

The agreement between Bouygues Telecom and the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Federative (Crédit Mutuel-CIC) group comes into force in Crédit Mutuel and CIC agencies.After the end of CIC Mobile and Crédit Mutuel Mobile offers, the group's banking agencies now offer sensation offers with commitment.Since June, agencies have offered BBOX offers.CIC and Crédit Mutuel advisers will be able to offer and manage Bouygues Telecom offers, but only those of their customers.CIC Mobile and Crédit Mutuel subscribers are invited to migrate to Sensation packages for Efficio subscribers, with commitment, and CIC Mobile Box or Crédit Motuel Box subscribers are invited to migrate to the Bbox,

Cependant, les agences ne proposent pas les offres B&You sans engagement. A la place, Bouygues Telecom récupère la gamme de forfaits Prompto sans engagement de Bouygues Telecom Business & Distribution (BTBD, ex-Euro-Information Telecom). Cette dernière devient réservée aux clients Crédit Mutuel ou CIC (uniquement pour les abonnés ayant un RIB/IBAN de la banque), à l'instar des offres SFR Box via la Poste Mobile.

Le CIC et le Crédit Mutuel vendent les forfaits Sensation et BBox de Bouygues Telecom

The prompt range includes:

Prompto packages are without obligation.The SIM card is billed € 10.

As with its other packages, Bouygues Telecom provides services such as double call, VoIP (WiFi calls and 4G calls) and B.TV service, smartphone television and tablet deducted from data as well as its paid options (parental control, B.TV with unlimited data, TV Pop Culture, Norton Security, L'Equipe, ...).Prompto subscribers also benefit from access to Bouygues Telecom customer and store services.

Prompto CIC/Crédit Mutuel subscribers can migrate to one of the new prompto packages by Bouygues Telecom or an equivalent package (4 hours 1GB at € 13.99/month, 5GB at € 14.99/month, 20GB at € 20.99/month, 60GB 4G at € 20.99/month, 60GB 5G at € 34.99/month, 100GB 5G at € 19.99/month, 120GB 5G at € 24.99/month, 200GB 4G at 25 €/month or 200GB5G at € 49.99/month).