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"Forced sale", "deception": SFR pinned for having insured customers without their consent

"Forced sale", "deception": SFR pinned for having insured customers without their consent

SFR in the sights of 60 million consumers. Indeed, the association denounces the non-commercial practices of which certain customers of the operator have been victims. The latter would have been taken out of insurance taken out without their consent.

Taken unknowingly

Many consumers committed to SFR are very angry with the telephone operator. "I realized, looking at my bank account, that I was debited €13 each month by Chubb, a mobile insurance that I took out involuntarily", explains Lauris Pitolet to 60 Million consumers.

"At no time did I receive a message confirming the subscription, neither email nor SMS", denounces this SFR subscriber from Salles (Gironde). In all, some €250 were deducted from him. He believes he was the victim of a "forced sale" in the store.

An obviously misleading commercial practice and a hassle for customers who then seek to unsubscribe. Without knowing that they have been insured without their knowledge, subscribers cannot logically invoke the 14-day withdrawal period to get rid of this insurance. Moreover, the first month being free, they notice the direct debit afterwards, and therefore too late, which generates a one-year commitment.

Doubtful but frequent practices

According to the latest report from the insurance mediator, too many French people are still victims of forced sales on mobile phone insurance. He also denounced intermediaries selling mobile insurance "who do not hesitate to use dubious means to sell as much as possible", without worrying about informing the customer.

However, the article of law L 112-2 of the insurance code stipulates that the insurer has the duty to provide an information sheet on the price and the guarantees before the signature of the contract by the customer. Without this, the contract is illegal.

Last May, it was UFC-Que Choisir who had already filed a complaint against SFR for misleading commercial practices for its RED by SFR offers. Announced "without commitment and without condition of duration", the offers had finally seen their price increase by 30 to 75% two years later.

How to terminate such a contract?

To denounce this type of contract, you must contact the insurer by mail (Chubb in the case of SFR) and specify the reason for the request. If this does not succeed, a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt is to be sent. If necessary, it is necessary to seize the mediator of the insurance.

In addition, with this type of insurance product "the level of restrictions is extreme, with unclear explanatory notices", underlines the lawyer of the CLCV Olivier Gayraud with the media moneyvox. "No one asks for this type of affinity insurance on their own. They only work upon request, during a sale, a change of operator or supplier. The low price and window dressing are the rest. In principle, affinity insurance is superfluous. These are extensions of guarantees that take advantage of their low cost in the total bill to try to go unnoticed".

Contacted by 60 million consumers, SFR indicates that it has discovered the situation and "says that customers are informed by email and SMS with each subscription". For his part, Chubb did not respond.