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Google Maps becomes more complete and more dynamic

Google Maps becomes more complete and more dynamic

At Google I/O, Google Maps and Live View got their share of announcements. More detailed maps, dynamic information, live view... there are many new features.

On the occasion of Google I/O, the Mountain View firm returned to a number of its services, starting with Workspace, the online work ecosystem made up of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. . Google Maps, the most famous mapping software in the world, has also been entitled to its new features.

Ride safe

The first novelty of Google Maps was announced at the opening of the conference by Sundar Pichai himself. This is Safer Routing, a new option based on road conditions, weather and traffic density to find the path with the fewest sudden stops. Braking is known to be particularly dangerous on the roads.

Maps are also made more detailed. Gradually, Google Maps is now acquiring information such as pedestrian crossings or traffic lights.

More complete and accessible Live View

Directly from the map, you can access Live View with one click. The view then switches to augmented reality on your smartphone, allowing you to collect a lot of information around you, concerning shops, restaurants, etc. Convenient to know if a restaurant is well rated and to see photos of the dishes.

To this, Google will add practical information, such as signs directly on the road to know the name of the street, or the points of interest to know everything about this monument which stands in front of you… or your hotel. It also works in some indoor locations.

More dynamic maps

Google Maps also wants to be smarter by displaying the most relevant information according to the time of day. Cafes and bakeries in the morning, restaurants at noon, bars at night… or downright points of interest if you are visiting a new city.

In the midst of a pandemic, Google also adds interesting information: the occupation of an area. At a glance, you can tell if the neighborhood has more people than usual or not.

These new features will be rolled out in the coming months. This deployment will be gradual for some of them.

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