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HomeMobile phone → RED by SFR: The 100 GB package + Xiaomi smartphone offered for the RED Deal until September 13
RED by SFR: The 100 GB package + Xiaomi smartphone offered for the RED Deal until September 13

RED by SFR: The 100 GB package + Xiaomi smartphone offered for the RED Deal until September 13

RED Deal: The 100 GB/month plan at a reduced price, ideal for surfing the web

If you don't plan to change your mobile plan for a while, this offer, valid until September 13, with a 24-month commitment, is likely to interest you. This package, including 100 GB of mobile data on the 4G network, is clearly aimed at large data consumers. Even in the face of very data-intensive uses, such as video streaming, these 100 GB should be more than enough.

This is an offer designed for people looking to browse the Internet without ever worrying about going over their plan. That said, RED by SFR gives the possibility of recharging, each month, 50 GB for 10 €.

Of course, the subscription also includes traditional unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. 13 GB of data will also be available in the European Union and in the overseas departments. They will meet the needs of people on vacation or on a business trip.

The RED Deal also means a reduced price. Usually, RED by SFR offers this package at €20/month. From September 7, this rate drops to €15/month.

Take advantage of this offer

A Xiaomi smartphone offered thanks to the RED Deal

RED by SFR : Le forfait 100 Go + smartphone Xiaomi offert pour le RED Deal jusqu'au 13 septembre

The RED Deal stands out above all for the free smartphone that accompanies the 100 GB/month plan. For any subscription to this 24-month subscription, the operator offers a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro. It will be delivered in its 128 GB format and in Onyx gray. It will only be necessary to provide one euro for the acquisition of the essential SIM card.

Usually, the Redmi Note 10 Pro has a price tag of €299. The quality of this smartphone has already been recognized by most reviews dedicated to high-tech. The testers emphasize above all the great autonomy of the device, which has a battery of more than 5000 mAh. This will allow you to last two whole days without weakening.

The 6.67-inch screen is also one of the elements regularly noted. That of the Note 10 Pro displays 120 Hz, a refresh rate high enough for multimedia and games. It accompanies a photo module whose main sensor (108 megapixels) is capable of filming in 4k/30 fps or 1080p/60 fps.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro runs Android 11 and is based on a Snapdragon 732G chip clocked at 2.3 Ghz. It will also have 6GB of RAM, enough for most current applications.

Take advantage of this offer

The RED Deal is therefore a turnkey formula. The 100 GB subscription with a 24-month commitment allows you to go on the Internet without worrying about exceeding your package. The icing on the cake, the subscription comes with a free Xiaomi smartphone. How to start the new school year better?

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