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White month 2022: what you need to know before buying your bed linen

White month 2022: what you need to know before buying your bed linen

Are you convinced that your bed linen is important for the quality of your sleep?Still you have to know which one will satisfy you best.Fresh, crunchy, flexible, soft, shiny, aerial, ... You do not yet master the codes of pros to choose the right?She.fr A questioned two experts, Cyrielle Renault, brand head of the Essix, co-founder of A Tomorrow and Léa Le Coz, Household linen product chef at Camif who confirm it: "Beyond the mattress, the bed linen allows you to really passa better night.The quality of the fabric necessarily influences comfort conducive to sleep, ”says the first."It is important to choose a bed linen that we like!"United or printed, in harmonious tones, to feel good at home.He occupies an important place in our room so as much as we have fun finding him every night "confirms the second.Here are their pros secrets.

In January of each year, sometimes a little earlier, the big brands of bed linen and decoration participate in the "month of white". Cet événement commercial date du XIXe siècle, époque où un grand magasin parisien avait choisit de remplir ses rayonnages vidés après les fêtes avec ses stocks de linge de maison, généralement blanc.It is a good period to renew its bed line but also its bathing linen or even a few accessories at a good price, with reductions of -20%, -30%, -40%, -50%, even before the start ofwinter sales.Essix, Alexandre Thurpault, Carré Blanc, Paragraph, Maisons du Monde, La Redoute, BHV, Blanc des Vosges, Françoise Saget, Camif, Linvosges,...Most of the bed linen brands participate.

What you need to know before choosing your bed linen

Talking about material does not really make sense today because the majority of adornments are in cotton, except for linen rather trendy.But beware, as we will see, there is linen and linen! Let’s first approach the concept of quality, which includes weaving but also the treatment of the wire used. La « densité de fils par centimètre carré»» est le premier considéré mais ce réflexe antédiluvien qui consiste à préférer une plus forte densité comme gage de qualité n’est plus à jour."A 200 wire in short poor quality fibers will pray" confirms Cyrielle Renault, "braided tighter, cotton in 200 wires/cm will also be less breathable and more difficult to iron".So we can "satisfy" an 80 thread/cm in pure cotton combed long fibers to ensure a very comfortable and completely durable purchase.Léa Le Coz also adds: "What will have a significant impact is the quality of the wire as well as the finishes.This will go through qualitative sectors (spinning, making).A poor quality wire will break easily and the laundry will "be wrong".Regarding finishes, these will play an important role in the longevity of the product.For example, certain sheets that we work with our partner suppliers (tradilinge, white of the Vosges, etc.) are elasticated all around and not only in the corners.When making, the seams are tight with a quality wire to keep the canvas well.Conversely, certain products with too weak or "finished" finishes will relax easily and that is how you can end up with a duvet cover with seams.In this case it is better to be equipped with a good sewing machine.»»

What about the dye?Léa Le Coz adds to this subject that she will "have an impact on quality but also health.Our Rhéa and Terra collections are, for example, entirely from organic farming, dye included.It is quite rare on the market to emphasize this because it is not easy to find stability in color by passing on the biological.»»

On retient également que toutes les matières dites « lavées»» sont les amies des pressés : en plus d’une douceur folle elles abolissent la corvée de repassage !

Cotton percale printed bed linen © see you tomorrow - coll.Peaks

Choose cotton or washed flax?

Cyrielle Renault nous éclaire ainsi : « il s’agit de percale de coton, de satin de coton ou de toute autre matière que l’on a traitées pour une autre sensorialité par des lavages en machine avec des enzymes ou bactéries qui vont « grignoter»» la fibre.To respect the environment, this washing work must be done with water recycling.A process that has a cost.Unfortunately if it is not carried out in France it will certainly be cheaper but there are strong risks that it is carried out with chemicals which are then released in nature.Note that it is not useful to wash the linen in this way: it will only take repeated patience and washes in your home to soften this material.»»

The withdrawal of sheets

Any textile material has a withdrawal inherent with quality.Specialized brands know this and provide an addition of 4 to 6 % of material to cover this withdrawal rate, a calculation that all brands that sell from the cotton gauze currently do not always do.This is how you end up with a cotton gauze duvet too small from the first washing!

Cotton satin bedroom © Essix -Coll.Divine

Understand textile labels

There are several types of labels in bed linen.First of all for the material. Pour le lin et le chanvre, il existe la certification European Flax : ce label assure la traçabilité du lin, il garantit l’origine de la fibre qui provient obligatoirement d’Europe.

Mois du blanc 2022 : ce que vous devez savoir avant d'acheter votre linge de lit

Pour le linge recyclé, la norme GRS (Global Recycle Standard) est la plus fiable.It guarantees that at least 50 % of the product is made up of recycled fibers.It also guarantees good social conditions for workers.

Le label Oeko-Tex® garantit la non-nocivité des textiles pour la santé des matières premières (fibres, fils…) jusqu’aux produits intermédiaires en passant par les ornements.If he does not certify the origin of organic farming, from tincture to be weave through making, it nevertheless passes the stream with a fine comb.Created above all to qualify imported products, this label presents less demanding standards than French standards.

Made in France : comment juger du sérieux de l’appellation ? On peut considérer qu’un produit fabriqué en France aura a minima les qualités d’un produit Oeko-Tex® même s’il n’est pas labellisé pour des raisons diverses, la première étant le coût de cette labellisation.Not all suppliers of French brands have the means. Attention, « Fabriqué en France»», « Produit Made in France»»… les indications n’impliquent pas une production intégralement française, mais seulement qu’une partie de la fabrication y a bien été réalisée. Le « Made in France»» peut concerner l’assemblage de matières importées ou ayant subi des transformations hors de l’Hexagone Restez vigilant quant aux logos trompeurs. « Conçu en France»», « Designé en France»», « Assemblé en France»», « Elaboré en France»», « Conditionné en France»» !

En ce qui concerne la garantie de la provenance du produit, l’un des labels les plus impactants est « Origine France Garantie»».This is the most reliable certification on the French provenance of the product. Elle atteste que les caractéristiques essentielles du produit sont réalisées en France et cela est réalisé sous contrôle d’un organisme certificateur indépendant, contrairement à certaines appellations comme « Fabriqué en France»», « Made in France»» qui sont souvent uniquement déclaratives. D’autres entreprises labellisées Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) ou France Terre Textile® présentent des gages de qualité notables.

Le label GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) est le plus reconnu, une référence mondiale, pour le textile issu de l’agriculture biologique.He certifies that production and processing processes are environmentally friendly, compliance and improvement of working conditions, promotion of the use of organic fibers and the prohibition of dangerous inputs such as heavy metals, aromatic solvents, etc..

Masters of linen® est un label de qualité, d’origine géographique et de valeur écologique qui garantit que votre linge en lin provient d’Europe, de la culture à la transformation de sa matière.The presence of this logo assures you that the social and environmental responsibility of the labeled company is engaged.

The dryer: stop or even for bed linen?

Phew.The dryer for bed linen is allowed!It even brings sweetness.Be sure to comply with the manufacturer's recommendations.It must be recognized that the drum will necessarily type the fiber, which brings it flexibility but also weakens it.Note that some cotton gas gasses even earn a passage to the dryer.

Cotton gauze bed linen © Essix -Coll.Tenderness

Why choose the cotton percale?

C’est « Le»» grand classique du linge de lit.This high -end weaving technique is ideal for sleepers who are always hot.These are these sheets that cold feet hate their contact so much.Sensory side, from 80 threads/cm we have a matt material there, with a smooth touch, in the fresh appearance when you are hot at night and a crunchy fabric: when you have it in hand gives it its hyperqualitative side to it.

The percale washed

Its washed percale version offers a major asset: it deletes ironing!It is also recognized for its sweetness which gives it a powdery and fluffy effect like peach skin and a slightly crumpled effect naturally.

Why prefer cotton satin?

From 80 wires/cm satin is as comfortable as the percale.Only her weaving changes.A wire goes above three others for a different appearance that hangs light: it is therefore more silky, bright and flexible.It seduces the chilly, is not cute and turns out to be warm because like a jacket or a polar wool, the air that will pass in to keep a little more heat.Contrary to popular belief, cotton satin does not shine but is silky and bright. Il aura une légère tendance à « briller»» au-delà de 120 fils/cm.

Washed satin

Matière ultraconfort d’une extrême douceur, c’est le moins classique et le plus « bohème»» qui est également facile à vivre car sans repassage.

Bedroom set in cotton satin washed organic gray thunderstorm © a tomorrow

Cotton gauze bed linen: Be careful withdrawal!

It is the perfect quality in any season: breathable but soft and warm when you slip into it and guaranteed without ironing!

Often flat to purchase, the cotton gauze generally inflates even more to washing/drying because its embossed side reappears.Watch out for trendy brands which are not expert in bed linen and which will not have planned a surtsfall: the risk is to end very quickly with laundry that is too small!The gauze is designed with two very fine weaving layers hung up by small regular points that will create the volume.

Woven in a very aerial way it can be double, triple or even quadruple.Some can be heavy if they are woven with large unpleasant wire to sleep in it: we therefore avoid the hypergaufrée gauze.But it is the ideal formula to create a cocoon as a cloud of sweetness which is more regressive because it is associated with childhood.

Note: especially do not panic if during the first washing and drying of the fibers escape and form small sheep out of the dryer for example.Fibers have been imprisoned by the weaving process and then stand out.It shouldn't last.

Linen bed linen © Kavehome

Why do we like linen bed linen?

Ideal in any season, linen is a perfect thermoregulator that softens with washing.Ecolo top, its culture requires little water and fertilizers, and can be practiced in France, in Belgium or in the Netherlands.Our two experts are categorical: as for cashmere, the length of the fiber and its quality are essential.Cheap products often come from Asia where small fibers are recovered with the dust of linen spun at the same time.It will never last in time!Impossible to get the wrong linen fiber pass without realizing it.It is necessarily necessary long fibers that will allow linen products to be well (no threads that make the trunk at the first machine!), Affirms Léa Le Coz. Le lin peut sembler de prime abord un peu « rêche»» (sauf si la matière est dite « lavée»»).Its fibers that are eaten over time will, over the washes, be more and more soft.Le chanvre, plus discret sur le marché que le lin, présente des qualités qui lui sont assez similaires car ce sont des matières qui se ressemblent.Hemp fibers are however a little shorter.It is therefore more interesting in mixing with another material such as cotton for example.

Why crack on cotton flannel in winter?

We love its soft appearance in winter as much as it is very hot. Il s’agit d’une fibre de coton gratté dont on pourrait comparer la technique à la façon de « feutrer»» la laine : ici on vient gratter la fibre pour faire ressortir son côté duveteux. Son tissage n’étant pas très serré pour garantir sa respirabilité, on ne le qualifie pas en fonction du nombre de fils au cm2 mais plutôt de son poids (entre 150 g/180 g/m2).CAUTION: On the maintenance side, some qualities can quickly turn on, others receive mechanical treatments (sanfor = anti-retirement) to avoid the withdrawal effect even on a washing at 60 °.We iron the flannel at high temperature.

Jersey sheets: really good for sleeping?

Fine cotton mesh originally knitted used in clothing, in particular underwear, the jersey can be woven with a modal share associated with its fiber.It is a type of viscose with fiber extracted from wood cellulose whose characteristics are to be soft, flexible and silky, absorbent and breathable.

Is the Lyocell comfortable for a duvet cover?

The advantages of this material are comfort, very soft touch and easy ironing.Breathable and fluid Lyocell or bamboo fiber is renowned for drying quickly (hydrophobic fibers) and this material is crumple less easily than others.Although wood Imare, it should still be noted that this fiber remains a viscose and is therefore synthetic.Lyocell's viscose is indeed an artificial fiber obtained from a natural material which is the cellulose contained in the wood of eucalyptus or bamboo. Souvent mixé à 50 % avec du coton, le tissage de ces nouvelles parures est en 57 fils/cm2, donc plutôt entrée de gamme, dans des tarifs similaires au 100 % coton 57 fils.

What about the bed linen in recycled fibers?

Léa le Coz moderates our craze on what might seem the ideal compromise."Currently it is difficult to find canvases in 100 % recycled because recycled fibers are more fragile and shorter than virgin fibers.It is therefore found on the market products mixing recycled fibers and virgin fibers.This is the case of ourRod collection which contains 45 % recycled cotton.Mixed with blank blank fibers, this gives a beautiful chined appearance.The properties are similar to those of cotton.»»

Recycled fiber bed linen © Camif.Coll.Rod

Are the sheet or silk pillowcase for me?

Despite the cosmetic assets advocated by the different brands of silk bed linen, there is a real fragility of the fiber in this material which requires a specific maintenance and which the beard of Monsieur should mistreat fairly quickly.Its price can cool some.Its brilliant appearance puts off others.Its production method too (vegan, go your way).A comfort/quality/price ratio that makes you think.We fall for a silk pillowcase, for ourselves, we take great care.

Silk pillowcase © Sleeping Club

Is quality bed linen necessarily expensive?

« Un bon 57 fils/cm avec un bon coton en fibre peigné c’est bien aussi pour commencer»» confirme notre experte Cyrielle Renault que "le prix en centimètre d’une parure de lit rapporté à la taille d’une petite culotte, son prix et sa durabilité devrait vous rassurer sur le fait qu’il s’agit d’un bon investissement".It is up to you to choose a color or pattern that you will not tire.

Bed linen: What colors and sets?

Patterned bed linen?

Depending on your budget, brands and places of production, the quality of the sets and patterns will be different.In order not to make mistakes with your bed linen, nor tire too quickly, prefer the United.Prints have two production methods.With rotary mode they are decorated color by color, with different rollers passages which apply the patterns shade by shade.The more colors and patterns, the more expensive the finished product will be.High -end brands like Liberty or Alexandre Turpault for example, use rollers that require technicality, which is fine -made for finer patterns, the cost of which is felt in the final price. Avec le digital les imprimantes permettent aujourd’hui une grande finesse des motifs en plus petites séries : nul besoin de « rentabiliser»» les gros rouleaux des machines rotatives.This is how much cheaper multicolored flower sheets can be offered.

What remains of the jacquard?

The jacquard is a particular weaving necessarily more expensive than smooth weaving because it requires more, finer threads, to allow for example matt and shiny scratches and thus give relief to tones on tone.This aging technique does not have a very current look.But we are not immune to a return of hype ...

Parure en satin de coton © Alexandre Turpault -Coll.October

Why is the making important?

Talking about making bed linen is above all talking about the assembly.Let's start from the example of the pillowcase (a making that applies to the duvet):

Taie d'oreiller avec passepoil coloré © A Demain -Coll.Haze

Ultimate tips for choosing bed linen to sleep well

"First a simple but necessary advice: maintain your laundry well by following the advice recommended so that it remains in good condition as long as possible. Cela va pouvoir varier d’une matière à une autre»» commence Léa Le Coz, « on a pu l’aborder précédemment mais choisir un linge fabriqué proche de chez soi c’est aussi s’assurer d’une qualité irréprochable et d’une transparence sur la production»».And Cyrielle Renault to add "always inquire about the brand and ensure that it specializes in the field.Depending on what we want to do with it we choose a quality more or less easy to live (but who are these people who like to iron their sheets?.D.L.R.) Choose the ornaments on a crush with as a primary criterion sustainability and quality before the style and the look.Favor French or European manufacturing, assembly and manufacture including quality on the material of the fiber used even if one is not able to recognize the naked eye the number of wires or the combed cotton long fiber.»»

Parures en coton bio, coton recyclé et polyester recyclé © Blanc des Vosges -Coll.Resources and horizons