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HomeArticle → Pixel 6: Why Google has developed its own chip
Pixel 6: Why Google has developed its own chip

Pixel 6: Why Google has developed its own chip

Google has formalized its new homemade smartphones.The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro embark a high -end technical sheet and a mobile chip developed internally by Google.A small revolution that opens up many possibilities.

While waiting for the start of the school year, Google unveiled August 2, 2021 its latest homemade phones.In a Twitter thread, the company gave a lot of information on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, resolutely high -end phones which are supposed to embark what Google can do better.

Technical sheet

In an interview with The Verge site, Rick Osterloh, the product manager at Google immediately admits that if in previous years Google "did not have what it was necessary to register on the high -end market […] This year will be different.»»

When reading the technical sheet, it is difficult to doubt these claims.

Pixel 6 Pixel 6 Pro
Écran OLED 6,4 pouces Full HD+Écran OLED 6,7 pouces QHD+
Taux de rafraichissement 90 HzTaux de rafraichissement 120 Hz
Deux modules photos : Grand angle + Ultra grand angleTrois modules photo : Grand angle + Ultra grand-angle + Zoom 4x
Puce Google TensorPuce Google Tensor

The rest of the technical sheet is still a mystery that Google will undoubtedly unveil in September or October, with the (high) price of the two devices.What the company really wanted to put forward is its brand new Tensor chip which could well give a certain advantage to its two smartphones.

What is a SoC?Why is it important?

Pixel 6 : pourquoi Google a développé sa propre puce

In the mobile world, the chip (or SOC for system on a chip), is the brain of the device.In addition to boarding the processor which will provide the gross power of the device, the SOC will also take care of the photo processing, network connections, graphic part ... In short, it is a critical piece in the development ofa smartphone.And for the first time, Google has just developed its own solution.

Until then, the company bought this component from Qualcomm which develops the famous Snapdragon platform.Les Pixels 6 marquent donc un changement de taille pour Google puisque le Tensor était « en construction depuis 4 ans»» selon le PDG de Google.By integrating a homemade chip into a homemade smartphone, Google gets closer to the Apple model.

Soc made in google

Source : Sundar Pichai - Twitter

The iPhone manufacturer has had homemade fleas in its phones for a long time. C’est une des pierres angulaires de la stratégie « d’intégration verticale»» qui veut que le logiciel et le matériel soient tous développés par la même entreprise.We recently saw what this approach could give with the excellent Apple Silicon M1 chip.

Google is therefore found in the same situation since the company takes care of both the operating system (Android) and the equipment.

What will it change?

Master the construction of a element as vital as the SOC offers many advantages.Firstly, this makes it possible to optimize the operating system so that it derives perfectly from all the power offered by the component.This allows you to have a software and hardware shutter that work together to provide a more fluid and more efficient experience.

Second, this allows Google to have more control over the future of your phone.If a phone is equipped with a snapdragon chip that Qualcomm no longer keeps up to date, then it can no longer go to the upper versions of Android.By keeping the hand on this component, Google could offer better software monitoring for its pixels.And so much the better since the company is exceeded on this point.

Finally, the integration of this Tensor chip could improve the photo capacities of pixels which already excels in this category.By having hand on the circuit, Google can optimize all steps in photo processing and offer features that are so far more difficult to implement.In a test to which The Verge was able to attend, the Pixel 6 applied an HDR processing with each image of a video (4K to 30 second images) for a more successful result than on the old pixels which were now out of date on video.This process is facilitated by the mastery that Google has on its chip.

The AI of course

Finally, since it is no longer possible to release a smartphone without talking about artificial intelligence today, pixels and their tensor chip will improve this point too. D’après Rick Osterloh, la puce des appareils permet « d’appliquer des modèles d’apprentissage machine professionnel sur le téléphone»».Voice commands, on-the-fly translation, subtitling, all these aspects should be more effective since processed locally on the phone memory.

With the Tensor chip, Google finally has the hand on all the critical components of its phones and can finally come and compete with Apple on equal arms.

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