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The Samsung 4K 125 cm TV is only 69 euros thanks to this internet package

The Samsung 4K 125 cm TV is only 69 euros thanks to this internet package

Bouygues Telecom's Bbox Smart TV offer is almost unique in France.It allows you to enjoy a Samsung TV at mini prices when subscribing to an internet subscription.

What if, as with some mobile packages, your Internet subscription also gave you access to a television?This is what Bouygues Telecom offers with its Bbox Smart TV offer: an internet subscription with a TV at a very competitive price.Indeed, until March 21, the 50 -inch Samsung TV is offered at only 69 euros, while it is generally sold alone around 499 euros.

The only thing to do to get this price is to subscribe simultaneously to a Bbox Smart TV subscription compatible fiber or ADSL.The television is offered without any additional monthly payment, and it belongs to you even if you decide to terminate your subscription to the Bbox Smart TV offer.

Découvrir le TV Samsung à 69 euros avec un abonnement Bbox Smart TV

A 50 -inch screen at 69 euros

The television proposed in this offer is a Samsung (reference UE50TU7125) which displays very interesting characteristics given its price.Indeed, this 50 -inch screen (125 centimeters) has all the paraphernalia of the connected screen.It has the House interface of Samsung, Tizen, which allows you to use all the applications of the moment directly on its screen.

It is thus possible to use Netflix, OCS, BeIN Sports and many other services without having to perform additional connections.If you want to enjoy a rather minimalist configuration, it is ideal.It is also AirPlay 2 compatible, the Apple wireless sharing protocol.

Le téléviseur Samsung 4K 125 cm est à 69 euros seulement grâce à ce forfait internet

The Samsung UE50TU7125 TV benefits from a successful design, with very fine borders and feet.

Above all, the Samsung UE50TU7125 TV benefits a good image quality.We note for example a good contrast rate as well as a beautiful colorimetry.Two important factors to display an image that is pleasant to look at in all circumstances.Especially since the processor integrated into the television is capable of improving lower definition content (SD, HD and Full HD) to display them in 4K.This is what allows you to get a clear image, whatever the source.

A TV included with its Internet subscription

The whole point of the Bouygues Telecom Smart TV offer is to offer a turnkey offer for people wishing to take advantage of an Internet connection and a TV without wasting time.It is therefore perfectly suited to students or people who move.


The offer also includes access to the B.TV+application.It is directly integrated into the TV and prevents you from installing an additional TV decoder.This application gives access to 150 television channels, the same as the operator offers you if you go through a decoder.It's even very practical if you have a lot of devices to plug on your screen, such as a game console or a Blu-ray player.

A full internet offer

To support this television, Bouygues Telecom offers you to subscribe to its Bbox Smart TV offer, ADSL or fiber compatible according to your eligibility.The Bbox Smart TV offer offers:

To facilitate registration, Bouygues Telecom offers two particularly practical advantages.First, the operator proposes to reimburse the termination costs of the former operator up to 100 euros maximum.Finally, Bouygues Telecom lends a 4G key to users before the BBOX was put into service.You can take advantage of an Internet connection as soon as you have subscribed.

The Bbox Smart TV offer is offered at a price of 39.99 euros per month with a two -year commitment.Box rental is included in the price.

Découvrir le TV Samsung à 69 euros avec un abonnement Bbox Smart TV