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Vaccinal pass for travel and restaurants ... Everything you need to know

Vaccinal pass for travel and restaurants ... Everything you need to know

What is the vaccination pass?How does the vaccination pass work?What are the QR code Place?How does the QR code work at the restaurant?Difference between vaccination pass and codecommers

The vaccination pass and the QR code in closed places are set up in the context of deconfination in order to continue to fight against the COVVI-19.Here is everything you need to know about how these devices on your smartphone and the Tousanticvid app.

How do the vaccination pass and the QR code against the COVVI-19 work?// Source: Frandroid

The disconception continues its course in France to prepare life after the COVVI-19 crisis.We thus hear a lot talking about the vaccination pass, QR code to access certain places and obviously of the allanticvid application.

In order not to be overwhelmed by this flow of information, here is a small file to take stock of the vaccination pass, the "QR code place" and the nuances to know between these two concepts.We will notably see together how it all works on your phone with all anticovid.

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Update of January 24, 2022: as of this Monday, January 24, 2022, the vaccination pass (instead of the health pass) is compulsory for people over 16 years old wishing, for example, going to the restaurant or taking the train.

What is the vaccination pass?

It is essential to understand what the vaccination pass is and know what it is for.Basically, this is a measure allowing a person to show that they are not likely to contaminate other people by proving that they have been vaccinated.In the case of transport, an exception is planned: you will not need a pass for "imperative motive of family or health" - a close to dying for example - subject to presenting a negative test, "exceptin case of emergency ".

The vaccination pass will be requested to access leisure activities, restaurants and drinking flows (with the exception of collective catering), fairs, seminars and professional fairs and interregional public transport (planes, trains, cars).

Passe vaccinal pour les voyages et restaurants… tout ce qu’il faut savoir

Vaccination against COVVI-19 is one of the ways to take advantage of the vaccination pass // Source: Gustavo Fring on Pexels

Unlike the vaccination pass that could be obtained on presentation of a negative test, you will now have to have a complete vaccine scheme, two doses or only one, depending on the vaccine, and a dose of recall, to obtain your sesame.

You don't have a complete vaccination diagram yet?Note that you can get a vaccination pass from your first dose, provided you have a negative antigen or PCR test of less than 24 hours and to commit yourself to receiving a second dose in the month.This derogation is valid for all people being vaccinated for the first time until February 15.

Presenting another person's pass or transmitting your pass to someone for fraudulent use is now punished with a flat -rate fine of 1,000 euros, against 135 euros before.The detention of several false passes is suppressed by five years' imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros.

How to get my vaccination pass?

As we said, the vaccination pass is to prove that you are not pose a risk of COVVI-19 contamination.There are three cases for this:

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Important precision before going further: people who flash your vaccination pass do not have access to your health data.They will simply know if your pass is valid or invalid.

Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial to find out how to download the vaccination pass document so that you always have it on you for your trips.Now let's take a look at the QR code location to go to the restaurant.

QR code in restaurants: what to know

Several places such as cafes, bars, restaurants, sports halls, nightclubs or the places with standing public again welcome interior visitors.However, to do this, these establishments have the obligation to report your visit (unless you have stayed on the terrace).In fact, the measure almost never seems to be applied.Here is all the same how it all works so as not to be caught off guard.

They can either do it via a recall book on a paper medium by handing your contact details by hand, or with a QR code to read with all anticovid.It is precisely this second option that is called the "QR code place".

All anticovid (Anticovid / Stopcovid)

Télécharger All anticovid (Anticovid / Stopcovid) gratuitement APK

By flashing a QR code place in a restaurant, for example, Tousanticovid will estimate that you spent at least two hours in this establishment and will send you an alert message if a COVVI 19 contamination home is detected on the period during which youwere inside this place.So don't re-scan by leaving otherwise the app will think you stayed there for four hours.

How to flash the QR code in a closed place with all anticovid?

Once in the establishment, you will only have to open the all -anticovid application on your smartphone and scroll to the recall notebook section where you will find the scanner button a QR place place on which you will have to press.You can then read some details on the device - especially with regard to compliance with your anonymity.Press the blue rectangle at the bottom I scan.

Give the requested authorizations on the phone if necessary then scan the QR code presented to you in the restaurant, the gym or the bar you frequent.

By the way, be aware that if you try to flash the QR code that will be presented to you without the all -anticovid application, you will be redirected to a download link.

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What is the difference between the vaccination pass and the location QR code?

Confusion can arise here between the QR code place, which we have just described, and the measures of the vaccination pass.To avoid confusing both, remember the following:

To eat at the restaurant, you need the vaccination pass.// Source: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

The two devices share a common point: the use of all anticovid if the user wishes.

To follow us, we invite you to download our Android and iOS application.You can read our articles, files, and watch our latest YouTube videos.

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