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Why do you have to activate two-factor authentication?

Why do you have to activate two-factor authentication?

Whether for access to Facebook, Amazon, your bank account, your cryptocurrency portfolio, two -factor authentication is vital!It is good to activate it whenever possible and better yet, activate reinforced authentication if available.

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If you regularly make purchases on the net, it is likely that your bank activated the following system: before validating a payment, a code is sent by SMS on your mobile phone.You need to type this code online so that the payment can materialize.

This system - two factors or 2FA authentication (2 factors authentication) is what we have found to be simpler to date to resolve the insufficiency of the password system insufficient.

Password protection lived

Everything started from an observation: the password system has experienced.It has too many weaknesses to offer absolute security.

The need for alternatives to passwords

To remedy the weaknesses of the password system, many systems have been imagined.

However, two -factor authentication is the simplest system.It has been implemented by a large number of web players, especially banks and for good reason: the second European directive on payment services, in force since January 13, 2018 - and aimed at strengthening the security of payments byLine - Recommended the use of this two -factor authentication by payment service providers.

On sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, it is up to the user to do the approach to activate two -factor authentication - it is not offered by default.Know that sometimes this system is called: "two -step validation".

Pourquoi faut-il activer l’authentification à deux facteurs ?

On Facebook, it is necessary to ask yourself to activate two factors authentication.© Facebook

How does it work ?

Authentication with two factors (2FA) works in this way.If an intruder tries to access your cryptocurrency wallet, your cloud, your Twitter or Amazon account from an unusual device, a security code is sent in the form of SMS or even on an email address, sometimes also onAn authentication application.It is necessary to type this code before you can move forward.

So therefore, even if you would use a little solid password, it will be impossible for a hacker to enter your account or make financial transactions.

In addition, receiving a code asks you for access to your Facebook or Amazon can alert you that someone has "cracked" your password, which alerts you from the need to change it immediately.

The need for 2FA is even more important if you manage a cryptocurrency account.Many exchanges - this is particularly the case of Binance or Coinbase - require this authentication before authorizing a transfer of crypto -actives to an external address.In addition, on a site such as Binance, we can also protect access to his account by the scan of a barcode from the corresponding application on mobile.

Authentication applications

In order to protect their users from any risk of scam, a large number of applications related to cryptocurrency may require reinforced verification.For example, on Binance, it is possible to require higher level authentication:

The Authenticator application generates a new code each time an operation requires high protection on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance.© Di

Result: it is necessary to type two codes to authorize a transaction.Whenever such an option is offered, it must be activated.It would be too bad to see a wallet emptied of his assets following an intrusion.

To choose, it is preferable to adopt a validation via an app like Google Authenticator that a SMS sending.An SMS message could be intercepted by a zealous pirate, while an authentication application benefits from a higher level of safety.However, the ideal is to activate both.

Sometimes too, the Google authentication app just asks you to type on the "yes" key in response to a question such as: "Do you try to connect?»».Validation is therefore fast, but effective.Google can notably request this verification each time you log into Gmail, Google Sheets or other home application from an unusual device.In reality, Google estimates this important protection that since November 2021, this publisher has decided to impose it on two million owners of YouTube account and intends to extend it to the various Google accounts.

We can only advise to use these various authentication systems.What does it matter if you lose a little time to provide these sesames.It is the safety of your accounts that is at stake.Those who have had their facebook hack can easily testify to the nuisances they have suffered.

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